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Media & Entertainment

Unleash Creativity Across the Spectrum

Transform Ideas into Reality with Autodesk's Media and Entertainment Collection


The Autodesk Media and Entertainment Collection is a powerhouse of creative tools, meticulously curated to cater to the dynamic demands of professionals in the media and entertainment industry. From pre-visualization to post-production, this comprehensive suite brings together cutting-edge software solutions to empower artists, animators, and filmmakers to turn their visions into captivating reality.


Key Features:

3D Animation and Modelling: Access industry-leading tools such as Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max for creating stunning 3D animations, characters, and environments with unparalleled precision and creativity.


Realistic Rendering: Achieve lifelike visualizations with the Arnold render engine, delivering high-quality renders for animations, films, and virtual reality projects.


Video Editing and Effects: Edit, composite, and add visual effects to your videos with Autodesk Flame, providing a seamless integration of editing, VFX, and finishing in a single environment.


Colour Grading and Correction: Enhance the visual appeal of your content with advanced colour grading tools, ensuring that your final product meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.


Simulation and Dynamics: Simulate realistic physics-based effects, fluid dynamics, and particle systems with tools like Bifrost in Maya, adding dynamic elements to your animations and scenes.


Audio Editing: Integrate audio seamlessly into your projects with tools like Autodesk Flame, allowing for comprehensive audio editing and synchronization with visual elements.



End-to-End Solution: The collection offers a complete suite of tools, covering every stage of the media and entertainment production pipeline. This end-to-end solution eliminates the need for piecemeal software solutions, ensuring a smooth and integrated workflow.


Enhanced Collaboration: The interoperability between software tools in the collection facilitates collaboration between artists and teams. Share assets seamlessly across different applications, promoting a more efficient and collaborative creative process.


Industry Standard: Autodesk software is widely recognized and used as an industry standard, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with other studios and professionals in the media and entertainment field.


Optimized Workflows: The collection is designed to streamline workflows, providing artists with the right tools to achieve their creative goals efficiently. This optimization helps meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.


Continuous Innovation: Autodesk is committed to ongoing development and improvement, with regular updates that incorporate the latest advancements in technology and address the evolving needs of the media and entertainment industry.



Unleash Creativity Across the Spectrum

Transform Ideas into Reality with Autodesk's Media and Entertainment Collection



Autodesk Maya is a cutting-edge 3D computer graphics software that empowers artists, animators, and designers to bring their creative visions to life. Renowned for its versatility and robust feature set, Maya has become an industry-standard tool used in film, television, game development, and various other fields.


Key Features:

Advanced 3D Modelling: Maya provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating detailed 3D models, allowing artists to unleash their creativity and bring intricate designs to reality.


Animation Tools: With a sophisticated animation toolkit, Maya enables the creation of lifelike character animations and captivating motion graphics. Its intuitive interface and powerful rigging capabilities streamline the animation workflow.


Visual Effects (VFX): Maya is a powerhouse for VFX, offering dynamic simulations, realistic rendering, and fluid effects. It's the go-to solution for crafting stunning visual effects that captivate audiences.


Render Engine: The built-in Arnold render engine delivers high-quality, realistic renders, bringing scenes to life with exceptional lighting, shadows, and textures. This ensures that the final output meets the highest industry standards.


Scripting and Customization: Maya's Python scripting capabilities allow users to automate repetitive tasks and customize the software to suit their specific workflow. This flexibility makes it adaptable to various production pipelines.


Collaboration and Integration: Maya seamlessly integrates with other Autodesk products and supports industry-standard file formats, facilitating collaboration among team members using different software tools.



Industry Standard: As an industry-standard software, Maya ensures compatibility and interoperability, making it easy for professionals to collaborate on projects and share assets.


Efficiency and Productivity: The intuitive interface, coupled with a vast array of tools, enhances workflow efficiency, enabling artists to focus on their creativity rather than grappling with complex software.


Versatility: Maya is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, from character animation to architectural visualization, making it an asset for professionals in various creative disciplines.


Innovation and Updates: Autodesk consistently updates Maya with new features and improvements, ensuring that users have access to the latest technologies and trends in 3D design and animation.


Elevate Your 3D Creativity to New Heights

Unleash Imagination with Autodesk 3ds Max!



Autodesk 3ds Max is a premier 3D modelling and animation software that empowers artists and designers to create breathtaking visualizations, animations, and immersive virtual experiences. Renowned for its robust set of features and versatility, 3ds Max is the go-to solution for professionals across industries, including architecture, design, gaming, and virtual reality.

3Ds Max

Key Features:

Intuitive 3D Modelling: 3ds Max provides a user-friendly interface for creating intricate 3D models. Whether designing architectural structures, characters, or intricate objects, its powerful modelling tools cater to a diverse range of creative needs.


Animation Tools: The animation toolkit in 3ds Max is comprehensive, allowing for the creation of dynamic character animations, realistic motion graphics, and compelling visual narratives. Rigging and character animation workflows are streamlined for efficient and captivating results.


High-Quality Rendering: Equipped with the Arnold render engine, 3ds Max delivers stunning, photorealistic renders. From architectural visualizations to product designs, the rendering capabilities ensure that the final output meets the highest standards of quality.


Particle Flow Simulation: Dynamic simulations, including fluid and particle effects, enable the creation of realistic scenes with captivating visual effects. This is particularly valuable for game developers and visual effects artists.


Scripting and Automation: 3ds Max supports scripting languages, allowing users to automate repetitive tasks and customize workflows. This enhances efficiency and provides a high level of flexibility for adapting the software to specific project requirements.


VR and AR Content Creation: With a focus on cutting-edge technology, 3ds Max allows users to create content for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. This makes it an ideal choice for designers and developers working on immersive projects.



Versatility Across Industries: 3ds Max is versatile, catering to the needs of professionals in architecture, interior design, gaming, film, and virtual reality. Its adaptability makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of creative disciplines.


Efficiency and Productivity: The intuitive interface, coupled with a vast array of tools, enhances workflow efficiency, allowing artists and designers to bring their ideas to life with speed and precision.


Seamless Collaboration: 3ds Max integrates seamlessly with other Autodesk products and supports industry-standard file formats, facilitating collaboration and interoperability in mixed software environments.


Continuous Innovation: Autodesk consistently updates 3ds Max with new features and enhancements, ensuring that users have access to the latest technologies and trends in 3D design and animation.


Redefining Photorealistic Rendering

Elevate Your Visuals with Autodesk Arnold



Autodesk Arnold stands as a powerhouse in the realm of rendering engines, providing professionals with the tools needed to achieve breathtaking photorealistic renders. Trusted by industry leaders in film, television, and design, Arnold sets the standard for rendering excellence, offering unparalleled realism and efficiency.

Autodesk Arnold

Key Features:

Global Illumination: Arnold's global illumination algorithms simulate the way light interacts with surfaces, creating realistic and natural lighting effects. This results in renders that accurately capture the interplay of light and shadow in a scene.


Physically Based Rendering: Arnold employs physically based rendering techniques, ensuring that materials and lighting behave in a way that mimics the real world. This realism is crucial for achieving convincing visuals in various industries, from product design to film production.


Adaptive Sampling: Arnold's adaptive sampling intelligently allocates more samples to areas that need it most, reducing render times without compromising quality. This feature enhances efficiency, allowing artists to iterate and refine their work more quickly.


Volumetric Rendering: The ability to render complex volumetric effects, such as smoke, fire, and clouds, sets Arnold apart. This is particularly valuable for visual effects artists and animators who require realistic atmospheric elements in their scenes.


Integration with 3D Software: Arnold seamlessly integrates with popular 3D modelling and animation software, including Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max. This allows artists to incorporate Arnold into their existing workflows without disruptions.


Cross-Platform Compatibility: Whether you're working on Windows, macOS, or Linux, Arnold ensures consistent performance and results across different platforms, providing flexibility for diverse production environments.



Photorealistic Quality: Arnold's advanced rendering algorithms and physically-based techniques produce renders that approach photographic realism. This is essential for industries where lifelike visuals are paramount, such as film, advertising, and architectural visualization.


Efficiency and Speed: Adaptive sampling and other optimization features in Arnold contribute to faster render times, enabling artists to iterate more quickly and meet tight project deadlines without sacrificing quality.


Versatility Across Industries: From film and television to product design and architectural visualization, Arnold's versatility makes it a valuable tool for professionals in various creative disciplines.


Seamless Integration: Arnold seamlessly integrates with Autodesk's 3D software products, ensuring a smooth workflow for artists who rely on Maya, 3ds Max, and other compatible applications.


Continuous Innovation: Autodesk is committed to ongoing development and improvement of Arnold, providing users with regular updates that incorporate the latest advancements in rendering technology.


Elevate Post-Production to Unprecedented Heights

Craft Cinematic Brilliance with Autodesk Flame



Autodesk Flame stands as the pinnacle of post-production excellence, offering a comprehensive set of tools for visual effects, finishing, and colour grading. Renowned in the industry for its power and versatility, Flame empowers artists and filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life with unparalleled precision and sophistication.

Autodesk flame

Key Features:

VFX and Finishing: Flame is an all-in-one solution for visual effects and finishing, combining advanced compositing, 3D tracking, and colour grading tools in a single, integrated environment. This streamlines the post-production process and ensures a seamless workflow.

Advanced 3D Compositing: Dive into the world of intricate visual effects with Flame's advanced 3D compositing capabilities. Create seamless integrations of CG elements into live-action footage, achieving a level of realism that captivates audiences.

Colour Grading Mastery: Achieve the perfect look for your project with Flame's sophisticated colour grading tools. Fine-tune colours, adjust contrast, and create visually stunning scenes that evoke the desired emotional impact.

Real-Time Interactivity: Flame's real-time interactivity allows artists to see changes instantly, facilitating a dynamic and iterative creative process. This responsiveness is crucial for achieving precision in visual effects and colour grading.

Conform and Timeline Editing: Seamlessly conform projects and perform timeline editing within the Flame environment. This feature enhances efficiency by consolidating tasks and eliminating the need for multiple software applications.

Integrated Audio Editing: Flame integrates audio editing tools, allowing for comprehensive synchronization of audio with visual elements. This integration ensures a cohesive and polished final product.



Complete Post-Production Toolkit: Flame provides a comprehensive toolkit for post-production, eliminating the need for multiple software applications. This all-in-one solution streamlines the creative process and enhances efficiency.

Cinematic Realism: The advanced 3D compositing and rendering capabilities of Flame enable artists to achieve cinematic realism in visual effects. This is crucial for creating immersive and believable scenes.

Efficiency and Iteration: Real-time interactivity and integrated workflows significantly improve efficiency, allowing artists to iterate quickly and experiment with different creative ideas without delays.

Industry-Standard Quality: Autodesk Flame is widely recognized as an industry-standard tool for high-end post-production work. Its use by leading studios and professionals ensures compatibility and interoperability across the industry.

Versatility Across Genres: Whether working on feature films, commercials, or episodic television, Flame's versatility makes it a go-to choose for a wide range of post-production projects.

Continuous Innovation: Autodesk is committed to continuous development, providing regular updates to ensure that Flame remains at the forefront of technology and meets the evolving needs of the post-production industry.


Streamlining Collaborative Workflows in Media and Entertainment

Effortless Collaboration, Unmatched Efficiency with Autodesk ShotGrid



Autodesk ShotGrid revolutionizes collaboration in the media and entertainment industry, providing a comprehensive platform for project management, asset tracking, and collaborative workflows. Designed to meet the demands of studios and creative teams, ShotGrid empowers professionals to seamlessly collaborate on projects, from pre-production to post-production.

Autodesk Shotgrid

Key Features:

Project Management: ShotGrid serves as a centralized hub for project management, enabling teams to organize, track, and manage tasks efficiently. From asset creation to shot reviews, every aspect of the project is accessible and manageable in one place.

Collaborative Review and Approval: Streamline the review and approval process with ShotGrid's collaborative tools. Artists, supervisors, and stakeholders can provide feedback directly within the platform, facilitating efficient communication and reducing iteration cycles.


Asset Tracking: Manage digital assets effortlessly with ShotGrid's asset tracking capabilities. Keep a comprehensive record of assets, their versions, and associated metadata, ensuring clarity and organization throughout the production pipeline.

Version Control: ShotGrid ensures version control is a breeze, preventing confusion and errors caused by multiple iterations of assets. Teams can easily track changes, compare versions, and roll back to previous states when needed.

Integrated Shotgun Toolkit: The ShotGrid Toolkit provides a suite of integrations with popular digital content creation (DCC) tools, such as Autodesk Maya and Adobe Creative Cloud. This integration ensures a seamless workflow, allowing artists to work within familiar environments while staying connected to the ShotGrid platform.

Customizable Workflows: Tailor ShotGrid to fit the unique needs of your production pipeline. Customizable workflows and fields allow studios to adapt ShotGrid to their specific processes, ensuring a perfect fit for diverse projects.



Efficient Collaboration: ShotGrid breaks down silos and facilitates collaboration across departments and teams. Real-time access to project data ensures everyone is on the same page, enhancing communication and reducing delays.

Streamlined Project Tracking: From concept to delivery, ShotGrid provides a clear and organized view of project progress. Teams can track tasks, milestones, and assets, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget.

Reduced Iteration Cycles: Collaborative review and approval tools in ShotGrid minimize the back-and-forth of feedback, reducing iteration cycles and accelerating the production timeline. This efficiency is particularly valuable in fast-paced creative environments.

Enhanced Visibility: Gain deep insights into project data and performance with ShotGrid's reporting and analytics features. This visibility allows studios to make informed decisions and optimize workflows for future projects.

Scalability: Whether working on a small independent project or a large-scale production, ShotGrid scales to meet the needs of studios of all sizes. It grows with the project, providing a robust foundation for collaborative work.

Security and Reliability: Autodesk, a trusted name in the industry, ensures that ShotGrid prioritizes security and reliability. Studios can confidently manage sensitive project data and assets with the assurance of industry-standard security practices.


Sculpt, Paint, Create

Unleash Your Artistic Vision with Autodesk Mudbox



Autodesk Mudbox is the go-to solution for digital sculptors and texture artists seeking a dynamic and intuitive platform for creating intricate 3D models. With a focus on natural, organic design, Mudbox empowers artists to bring their creative visions to life with unparalleled detail and realism.

Autodesk Mudbox

Key Features:

Intuitive Sculpting Tools: Mudbox offers a range of intuitive sculpting tools that simulate the experience of working with traditional sculpting materials. Artists can mold and shape their creations with ease, achieving intricate details in a virtual environment.


High-Resolution Painting: Bring your models to life with high-resolution texture painting. Mudbox's powerful painting tools allow artists to add colour, details, and complex textures to their creations with precision, resulting in stunningly realistic surfaces.


Dynamic Tessellation: Mudbox employs dynamic tessellation, ensuring that the level of detail adapts to the artist's needs. This feature enables the creation of highly detailed models without compromising performance during the sculpting process.


PBR (Physically Based Rendering) Materials: Mudbox supports the creation and application of PBR materials, providing artists with the tools to achieve realistic and physically accurate surfaces. This is essential for creating assets that seamlessly integrate into modern rendering pipelines.


Multi-Resolution Mesh Editing: Work efficiently with Mudbox's multi-resolution mesh editing capabilities. Artists can manipulate different levels of detail, making it easy to focus on specific areas while maintaining an overall view of the model.


Seamless Integration with Other Software: Mudbox seamlessly integrates with other Autodesk software, such as Maya and 3ds Max, as well as industry-standard file formats. This ensures a smooth workflow for artists working in various pipelines.



Artistic Freedom: Mudbox provides a dynamic and expressive environment that allows artists to unleash their creativity. The intuitive sculpting and painting tools offer a tactile experience, giving artists the freedom to explore and experiment.


Detail-Oriented Workflow: The software's focus on high-resolution sculpting and painting makes it ideal for artists who require intricate details in their models. Mudbox excels at capturing fine nuances, whether it's the wrinkles on a character's face or the texture of a creature's scales.


Efficient Iteration: Mudbox's dynamic tessellation and multi-resolution editing enhance the iterative process. Artists can refine and make changes to their models without sacrificing performance, leading to a more efficient and productive workflow.


Versatility in Pipelines: Whether working on character design, environmental modelling, or texture painting, Mudbox adapts to various creative pipelines. Its compatibility with other Autodesk software ensures a seamless integration into existing workflows.


Realistic Rendering: With support for PBR materials and physically based rendering, Mudbox enables artists to create models that not only look realistic within the software but also integrate seamlessly into modern rendering engines.


Global Community and Support: Being part of the Autodesk ecosystem, Mudbox users have access to a global community of artists and a wealth of online resources. This facilitates collaboration, learning, and problem-solving within a supportive community.


Bring Characters to Life with Seamless Animation

Elevate Character Animation with Autodesk MotionBuilder



Autodesk MotionBuilder stands at the forefront of 3D character animation, offering a robust set of tools that empowers animators and filmmakers to bring characters to life with unparalleled realism and fluidity. From motion capture to final animation, MotionBuilder accelerates the animation pipeline, providing a dynamic and efficient environment for creating compelling character performances.

Motion Builder

Key Features:

Real-Time Animation: MotionBuilder excels in real-time animation, allowing animators to see their characters move instantly. This real-time feedback is crucial for refining performances and achieving the desired level of expressiveness.


Motion Capture Integration: Seamlessly integrate motion capture data into your animations with MotionBuilder's advanced motion capture tools. This feature is essential for creating lifelike character movements by leveraging data from real-world performances.


Unified Animation Environment: MotionBuilder provides a unified environment for animators, bringing together tools for keyframe animation, motion capture, and nonlinear editing. This integration streamlines the animation workflow, reducing the need for switching between multiple applications.


Character Rigging and Skeleton Mapping: Rig characters easily with MotionBuilder's intuitive character rigging tools. The software also supports skeleton mapping, enabling the retargeting of animations between characters with different proportions.


Story Timeline and Nonlinear Editing: The Story Timeline in MotionBuilder facilitates nonlinear editing, allowing animators to organize and edit sequences easily. This feature is especially valuable for directors and animators working on complex narrative-driven projects.


Live Data Streaming: MotionBuilder supports live data streaming, enabling real-time collaboration and data sharing across multiple users. This is particularly useful for virtual production workflows and collaborative animation projects.



Efficient Animation Pipeline: MotionBuilder accelerates the animation pipeline, enabling animators to work more efficiently. The real-time animation feedback and integrated environment contribute to a smooth and streamlined workflow.


Realism Through Motion Capture: By seamlessly integrating motion capture data, MotionBuilder empowers animators to achieve a level of realism in character movements that is challenging to achieve through traditional keyframe animation alone.


Versatility Across Industries: MotionBuilder's versatility makes it suitable for various industries, including film, television, game development, and virtual production. Its adaptability to different pipelines makes it an asset for a wide range of creative projects.


Intuitive Interface: MotionBuilder's user-friendly interface is designed with animators in mind, providing an intuitive environment that facilitates creativity. The unified animation workspace ensures a cohesive and accessible experience.


Collaboration and Data Sharing: With support for live data streaming, MotionBuilder enhances collaboration among animators and artists. This feature is particularly beneficial for teams working on virtual production sets or distributed animation projects.


Real-Time Performance: The real-time animation capabilities of MotionBuilder provide instant feedback on character movements, enabling animators to iterate quickly and adjust in real-time for optimal results.


Transform Reality into Digital Insight

Revolutionize Workflows with Autodesk ReCap Pro



Autodesk ReCap Pro is the cornerstone of reality capture, bridging the physical and digital worlds by transforming real-world environments into detailed and actionable 3D data. This cutting-edge software is a must-have for professionals in construction, architecture, and engineering, offering a comprehensive solution for 3D scanning, data processing, and visualization.

Recap pro

Key Features:

Reality Capture: ReCap Pro supports a variety of reality capture methods, including laser scanning and photogrammetry. This allows users to capture accurate and detailed 3D representations of physical spaces, structures, and objects.


Point Cloud Processing: Efficiently process and manage massive point cloud datasets generated by reality capture devices. ReCap Pro's robust algorithms simplify the organization, cleanup, and preparation of point cloud data for downstream workflows.


3D Model Generation: Easily convert point clouds into 3D models with ReCap Pro's modeling tools. This feature is invaluable for creating accurate representations of existing structures or landscapes, facilitating design, renovation, and documentation processes.


Intelligent Meshing: ReCap Pro intelligently generates detailed and accurate 3D meshes from point cloud data. These meshes serve as a foundation for further design, analysis, and visualization, allowing professionals to work with a realistic digital representation of the captured environment.


Collaborative Workflows: ReCap Pro is seamlessly integrated with other Autodesk design and engineering software, such as AutoCAD and Revit. This integration streamlines collaborative workflows, allowing professionals to incorporate reality-captured data directly into their existing projects.


Geospatial Coordination: Leverage the geospatial capabilities of ReCap Pro to align captured data with real-world coordinates. This ensures accurate spatial context, supporting applications in surveying, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and urban planning.



Precision and Accuracy: ReCap Pro enables professionals to capture and work with highly accurate and detailed 3D data. This precision is crucial for applications such as as-built documentation, quality control, and clash detection in construction projects.


Efficiency in Documentation: Rapidly document existing conditions by creating 3D models directly from point clouds. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in renovation projects, where accurate as-built documentation is essential for planning and design.


Enhanced Design Visualization: Integrate reality-captured data seamlessly into design software like AutoCAD and Revit, providing a realistic and accurate context for design decisions. This enhances visualization and decision-making throughout the design process.


Streamlined Construction Processes: ReCap Pro accelerates construction workflows by providing precise measurements, clash detection, and visualization of construction sites. This streamlining enhances collaboration and reduces errors during the construction phase.


Cost and Time Savings: By leveraging reality capture technology, professionals can reduce the time and costs associated with manual measurements, site visits, and documentation. ReCap Pro's efficiency contributes to overall project savings.


Interoperability: ReCap Pro's compatibility with other Autodesk software ensures seamless integration into existing workflows. This interoperability supports a collaborative and connects approach to design and construction processes.

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