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A distinct industry is served by the Autodesk® Media & Entertainment Collection. It is intended for people working in the media and entertainment sector, which includes the creation of films, video games, animation, and special effects. A variety of software tools for 3D modelling, animation, rendering, and special effects development are included in this package. It facilitates the use of digital media by animators and artists to realize their imaginative concepts. This assortment provides an extensive array of software solutions that smoothly combine with one other to improve the process of creating content from start to finish. You can simplify your production operations and realize your creative dreams with the Autodesk® Media & Entertainment Collection.


M&E Workflow Overview

The Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection is a suite of software tools and solutions designed for professionals working in the media and entertainment industry. This collection includes a wide range of software applications that are commonly used in various stages of media production, such as 3D modelling, animation, visual effects, and video editing. Below is a workflow overview of how the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection can be used in different stages of media production:

  • Pre-Visualization

  • 3D Modelling

  • Texturing and Shading

  • Rigging and Animation

  • Simulation and Dynamics

  • Lighting and Rendering

  • Visual Effects

  • Video Editing and Post-Production

  • Colour Grading

  • Collaboration and Review

  • Asset Management

  • Render Farm Management

The Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection provides a comprehensive suite of tools that cover various aspects of media production, from concept and design to post-production and finishing. Professionals in the industry can use these tools to create high-quality content for film, television, gaming, and other forms of media. The collection is designed to enhance creativity, streamline workflows, and improve collaboration among team members working on media projects.


Highlighted Features

Enhance conceptual design processes with the help of the new workflow for interoperability between 3dsmax and Maya applications. Utilizing Arnold, Motion Builder, ShotGrid, Maya and 3dsmax, analyse and detail artistic and tangible work. In addition, create with high performance in mind using Maya and 3dsMax. Receive immediate input to inform design choices. To facilitate project management and cooperation throughout the production process, as well as to improve collaboration through creative product animation, visual effects, and gaming.


  • M&E productions are collaborative ventures involving hundreds of people. But each team’s view is often isolated to its own workflows. As projects become more complex and generate petabytes of data, Design and Make Platforms allow better asset management through a centralized hub. Teams can view footage from anywhere almost as soon as the director yells “cut!” This brings everyone together in one cohesive experience by creating a connected pipeline from script to screen.

  • Render your toughest projects with Arnold

  • Create complex effects with Bifrost!

  • Empower artists with a choice of tools!

M&E Industry

The Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry is one of the biggest industries across the globe. The M&E industry covers the Animation, VFX and Gaming sector, including professional treatment of a animation project from its script to screen. The whole life cycle of a animation project also involves the owner of the facility, especially in the creative phase.

M&E is a complete solution that considers the initial design and the final output of the movie. It improves the efficiency of the creative design process by providing 3D animation, vfx and gaming for end-user analysis.

The Autodesk® Media & Entertainment Collection is comprised of diverse professionals who collaborate to realize creative projects. By unifying these seemingly distinct talents within this collection, artists, designers, and developers can streamline their efforts to accomplish shared objectives more efficiently.

Media and entertainment sector solutions comprise a wide range of software and services developed for the 3d animation of large and sophisticated creative images, VFX, and E-commerce platforms. This collection spans the entire spectrum of visualization design, 3D animation, VFX, and gaming. The Autodesk® Media & Entertainment Collection contains cutting-edge 3dsMax and Maya-based design tools, design analysis capabilities, collaboration features, and management solutions.

Autodesk® Media & Entertainment Industry experts are professionals who specialize in creating and managing media and entertainment projects. Among these experts, the project manager plays a crucial role in orchestrating the collaboration of various skilled teams and individuals. Leveraging their expertise in three distinct disciplines, they bring together talent to work seamlessly on projects related to media and entertainment, such as animation, visual effects, and multimedia production.

Design Visualization in M&E Industry


The digitization process has significantly transformed one of the largest industries, addressing a multitude of limitations that ranged from minor design issues to major site execution challenges.

Design Visualization serves as the cornerstone of digital transformation within the media and entertainment (M&E) industry. The introduction of this concept has substantially bridged the existing gaps on a broader scale.

3D visualization involves the creation of graphics and the rendering of designs using 3D software. This technique offers various advantages to multiple industries, including architecture, film, gaming, engineering, and manufacturing. Prior to actual production, many products and concepts are developed through 3D visualization, resulting in time and cost savings for producers, manufacturers, and customers.


Media and entertainment

3D visualisation provides that ability to create robust characters in games, stunning designs for scenes and engaging experiences with effects in film/TV. Artists can create realistic and imaginary visualisations for a variety of digital media.

Architecture and interior design

Customers these days are accustomed to seeing final designs at early stages. 3D visualisation provides the ability to show interior and exterior designs, layout, lighting, texture and even geography, prior to development.


Product design and manufacturing

3D visualisation improves the manufacturing process by keeping up with design changes and evolving ideas. Engineers and production teams work together to customise and realise concepts at any scale and iterate faster on designs.


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