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Product Design and
Manufacturing Collection

The collection is a powerful set of applications that provides extended capabilities to Inventor and AutoCAD for engineers who design complex and custom products, equipment, and systems.

• Extend Inventor with add-ins for tolerance analysis, simulation, and production layout

• Use connected products for 2D drafting, large-scale design review, and visualization

• Connect to Fusion 360 to access next generation capabilities and collaboration

What can you do with the collection?

Create your most ambitious ideas, collaborate more efficiently, automate busywork, and explore more design options than ever before.

How the collection helps your business

Improve Speed and accuracy of quotations

Automate product configuration to quickly deliver solutions that meet unique customer needs.

Jump into production with ease

Communicate your designs effectively to manufacturing and avoid costly late-stage problems.

Create an uninterrupted flow of data

Build a single digital model from beginning to end, automatically maintaining your audit trail along the way.

Deliver and install without surprises

Identify potential issues up-front to ensure on-time hand over and happier clients.

Professional-grade 3D CAD

Autodesk Inventor is professional-grade 3D CAD software for product design and engineering. Getting Inventor in the collection will provide a complete set of applications that work inside of Inventor for powerful simulation, tolerance analysis, manufacturing tools, and factory planning.

01 Inventor-2023.png

Evaluate the cost impact of dimensional variation

Balance mechanical fit and performance with the cost of tighter tolerances based on an analysis of the cumulative dimensional variation between mating geometry.

01 Inventor-2023.png
02 Inventor-Tolerance-Analysis.png

Design high-efficiency production line layouts

Plan, install, and manage your entire production process with integrated factory layout, installation sequencing, and analysis tools.

03 Factory-Design-Utilities-2023.png
01 Inventor-2023.png
04 AutoCAD-2024.png
Design High efficiency

Fully understand your product performance and its limits

Choose from a complete portfolio of powerful study types to help you optimize your design before it is released for production.

01 Inventor-2023.png

Implement efficient manufacturing workflows

Streamline the transition from design to manufacturing with integrated tools for generating multi-axis toolpath strategies and sheet metal nests.

01 Inventor-2023.png

Connect your 2D and 3D
design tasks

Combine the capabilities of 2D and 3D CAD to integrate electromechanical models, conceptualize designs, and speed up the creation of manufacturing documentation.

01 Inventor-2023.png
04 AutoCAD-2024.png

View and manage your entire project in one place

Aggregate data from multiple disciplines for collaboration, managing interferences, and scheduling the installation of your equipment.


Capture your facility in 3D

Efficiently plan factory layouts and avoid costly interferences that cause delays in production by including a 3D scan of the building.

ReCap pro - Capture your facility in 3d
3DS Max - Visualizations

Bring your product to life with stunning visualizations

Create high-fidelity imagery and animations of your product for use in design reviews, documentation, and sales and marketing collateral.


Manage all data in less time

Control your intellectual property in a single location, making it easy to collaborate with your colleagues. Securely share data externally to simplify and speed up review cycles.


Design Automation

Design automation lets you capture and reuse engineering knowledge and intent. Automation not only helps reduce errors and time spent on tedious, repetitive modeling tasks, but it can also be scaled to streamline downstream development processes.

01 Inventor-2023.png
Design automation

Quickly create high-quality BIM content

BIM objects are digital representations of products and equipment that can be placed by your customers into their building information models. Manufacturer-specific BIM content contains 3D representations of the product along with associated metadata, such as Omniclass classification, material, model number, MEP connections, and service information.

BIM content

Electromechanical Design

Electromechanical design is the collaborative development of electrical and mechanical components and their intended interactions during product development. Designing complex electromechanical systems requires a toolset that allows for a combined and simultaneous design process.

01 Inventor-2023.png
04 AutoCAD-2024.png

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