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What’s New with Autodesk PDMC

Carry out your best work with new features in Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, including Inventor and integrated tools like Nesting Utility, Nastran In-CAD, HSM, and Factory Design Utilities, along with Fusion 360, AutoCAD, and Vault.

Key highlights of PDMC

Enhanced 3D Mechanical Design Tools You can find the improved versions of various tools within PDMC as a collection. Improved way of annotations and including tolerance with your 3D models, Direct edit functionality within the 3D models helps the life of a designer simpler & fostering collaboration by ease of sharing the design between various stakeholders dispersed across the workflows. Nastran In-CAD is now available only within the PDMC package.

Brand New true shape Nesting utility

Most of the Inventor users used to create and manufacture sheet metal components. The added True shape nesting utility with Inventor could help in optimizing yield from really flat raw materials like sheet metal. This leads to simpler design for sheet metal which in turn reduces the manufacturing costs further.

Improved iLogic support for Nastran In-CAD

The iLogic integration within Nastran In-CAD helps you to utilize the rules based design to simulation process. With this feature, you can automate most of your processes like idealization, material creation, meshing, solving, providing results, etc.

New features in HSM, Factory Design

With the inclusion of iLogic features in the 2019 version, you can simply manage your assets at ease in both HSM and Factory Design. The Inventor HSM API will also be beneficial to automate various workflows.

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